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Many thanks to their oversize cases, extra-resistant versions, and long association with the Italian military, Panerai pocket watches are getting to be beloved cult items, a unique fate for any business exclusively created for navy use until '93. Until '93 Panerai timepieces were made exclusively for the army or marine (barely 300 products were released for civilians from 1939 to 1992). In 1993 the manufacturer went into civil society with not one but two limited-edition series presenting the Luminor plus the Mare Nostrum chronograph (an early Nineteen forties model). Between '93 and 1997, in regards to what is referred to as its pre-Vendome timeframe (the Richemont group was then called Vendome), Panerai appetites having a tantalizingly sparse manufacture of 828 wrist watches.
In 1997 the Richement group made a decision to exploit the label's back ground by creating formally and technically reliable reproductions of their original military types. Along the next several years, Officine Panerai made greater than ninety thousand wrist watches and designed a global stature. Though these in-house calibers today symbolize only an infinitesimal component to development, they allow the company to lawfully take its place beside other Swiss watchmakers, and fuel passion among fresh collectors willing to spend as much as $100,000 to put on a Panerai accompanied by a tourbillon

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