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Contact US NOW Buyer Protection makes online purchase as safe as buying from your local sellers.

1):When you make a purchase using We make the whole process simple and as safe as possible.
2):We immediately inform your chosen sellers and hold the payment until you receive your items correctly.
3):The sellers must then safely prepare your items and ship them promptly to you.
4):Track every step of your shipment online with the tracking code provided by the sellers.
5):After delivery, check your items are safe and correct and inform us that your payment should be released to the sellers.

2?? What is buyer protection, how does it work?

We ensure each and every purchase is covered by our 5p's.

1):Payment Protection
Your payment is only released to the seller after you have confirmed your item has arrived safely.

2):Package Protection
You may also have time to check your delivery for accuracy and are able to dispute any incorrectly delivered items before any payment are released to your seller.

3):Promptness Protection buyer protection will ensure that suppliers must ship and correctly deliver items to you within a specified time period.

4):Partner Protection chat allows you to discuss your requirements with a seller and if required, have this communication recorded as the basis for a communication contact.

5):Privacy Protection
Your payment details are never exposed to any third parties at any time.

3.Frequently Asked Questions

A.Can I see my package being dispatched, shipped & delivered?
All items use online tracking so you can know when to expect delivery. Yes, all items dispatched to you are covered by shipping methods such as EMS??DHL or Hong Kong Post, etc, which can be tracked online to make sure you can see exactly where your items are and how long to expect before delivery.

B.Are payments on Secure?
All payment methods are secure and covered by buyer protection. Absolutely, your online payment information will never be exposed.

C.Reporting problems, how do I do that?
Customer Service teams are available 5 Days a week??you can contact our service email address:

1):Open a dispute, and work out a solution with the seller.
If you are not satisfied with your order (e.g. the item does not arrive or is not as described), you can open a dispute. At the same time, try to communicate with the supplier to reach an agreement. Most trade disputes happen because of misunderstandings.

2): Still need help? Just let us know. We are available 5 days a week.
If you cannot reach an agreement with your seller within 15 business days, you can choose to submit the dispute to Resolution Center will immediately work together with you and the supplier towards a satisfactory outcome. If the problem cannot be resolved between you and the supplier based on available evidence, and your claim qualifies for Buyer Protection, Resolution Center will issue a refund on the item.

4.Tips for new customers
1): Every purchase made on uses our buyer protection service.