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Breaking the prejudice that the watches made by the fashion house would care more about the exterior than on the mechanism, Chanel constantly challenged high-end watchmaking. As a result, in 2016, the company developed a first in-house movement, and last year, it introduced a skeleton movement caliber 2 and gradually built it up as a manufacturer. This year, Chanel evolved again with the introduction of a third in-house movement caliber 3 (in the Boyfriend Friend Skeleton). In addition, the Coco and Premiere collections offer a wide range of choices by varying color and material. Iconic Watch J12 Limited Edition is a must-see unique piece! Meanwhile, the men's watch, Monsieur de Chanel, added the house's artistic sensitivity to the house's iconic animal lion theme. Like this, in 2018, Chanel brought together various organs that can be shown, unfolding various watchmaking techniques and design senses.

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